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Covid19 has affected everyone in some way or another, most notably are our local small businesses who are trying to stay afloat at this time. With the Lockdown level reduced to 4 this last week, we have seen some businesses reopen their doors and online stores able to deliver essential goods that have been allowed under the new regulations which seem to be changing frequently. During Lockdown only businesses registered with CIPC can apply for an essential services certificate in order to trade.

Small businesses, in particular, have been largely affected by the Lockdown and I thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of places that are open right now and can deliver. With Mothers Day, Birthdays, and special occasions coming up it would be great to support local and also get your loved one a gift while we are in these uncertain times.

Here’s where you can get your local shopping fix:

MudMask SA

Offering skincare products that are all-natural. Products include mask kits, bath salts essential oils, and soaps. MudMask is a local brand that caters to all skin types and best of all – the products don’t have any artificial ingredients.

Speaking to MudMask owner Sumarie Steenkamp, she stated that she wants to keep her prices down during this time. “I’m bringing my prices down so that people can get a little joy out of life without hating themselves for ‘wasting money’” – Steenkamp.

She has also given us a coupon code to get 15% off your order. I think this is absolutely amazing especially at this time. With Mother’s day coming up this could be a great gift option or even to spoil yourself for less during the pandemic while also supporting a local business.

COUPON CODE: COVID – use this code at MudMask to get 15% off.

Shop MudMask her: https://mudmask.co.za/

Chef Leigh’s Lockdown Lessons

Professional Chef Leigh will be offering weekly online cooking lessons at R60 per lesson. She also has a 2-week package that includes a dessert class for R100 or a 4-week option at R200 including 2 dessert lessons*. I don’t know about you but this is great value for money and super budget-friendly. She plans on offering easy to follow recipes with easy to find ingredients

This is another great gift idea that does not need to be delivered everything is done online. All you will need is the recipe ingredients (which are easy to find even during Lockdown ) and a device that is connected to the internet. Chef Leigh will also provide professional assistance through a Q&A – something you don’t get while watching those viral recipe videos.

If you want to sign up for Chef Leigh’s Lockdown Lessons you can contact her at 0725732596

*T’s&C’s apply

The Dark Carnival

With masks becoming mandatory for every citizen to wear in South Africa as of level 4, I know exactly where you can get the cool ones. The Dark Carnival are selling exceptionally good quality fandom print cloth masks and at a budget-friendly price too. You can get a mask for R55.00 or get 4 for R200. I opted to get 4 so that I can rotate my masks and wash them on a regular basis. There are many awesome prints to choose from. The set I chose included Slytherin and Gryffindor Hogwarts Houses as well as a Davy Jones and Spiderman print.

As these are essentials, it is a good idea to purchase some masks but because they come in different prints you can also send them as a gift. When I received mine it was a present from me to me.

The Dark Carnival is also able to sell hoodies and T-shirts.

Click here for masks

Shop Dark Carnival here: www.darkcarnival.co.za


Is a small family run business that sells fanart T-shirts from various fandoms. According to their Facebook page, they have now registered as a trader under level 4 regulations. They are able to sell and deliver winter clothing.

I had a look at what they’ve got on offer so if you are into Star Wars, Rick and Morty and other comic, movie and TV fandoms you might be able to find some cool clothes here.

Shop FanCentric here: fancentric.co.za

Pink Cosmetics

Vegan and cruelty-free local cosmetics brand Pink Cosmetics is able to sell essentials such as sanitizers and some beauty products. All non-essential items such as wax melts, candles, and diffusers will not be available for delivery under the current restrictions. But according to their website, these products can be purchased but will only ship after Lockdown at ‘no extra courier fee for a second delivery.’ This means if you purchase any non-essentials with your essentials purchase you will get them at a later date when non-essentials are permitted again, without the courier fee attached.

I have never bought from Pink Cosmetics but they have an array of lovely beauty items! I wish I had known they did bath bombs earlier, but plan to buy some in the future.

Shop Pink Cosmetics here: https://pinkcosmetics.co.za/

Kulcha Kollektive

Is another local business that is able to print items like hoodies and long-sleeved T-shirts and can deliver locally in the Johannesburg region.

You can send custom designs ideas to : badmunki@gmail.com

Shop Kulcha Kollective here: www.kulchakollektive.co.za

Honorable mentions

This post was to promote local businesses but I have realized that not everyone knows what other stores are operating at this time so I will mention a few.

Takealot has been selling essentials since Lockdown began but they have expanded their selection and you can now buy makeup from them. I bought a charger cable from Takealot and it took less than 2 days to be delivered.

Lush has also been trading since level 5. They offer bath and beauty products. I bought a few bath bombs from them and their customer service was fantastic.

Westpack Lifestyle has opened up their online store and is selling essentials such as food, baking supplies, and utensils, snacks as well as stationary with delivery in  Gauteng, Mpumalanga & North West. I placed an order on the 3rd of May and my order status is still on ‘processing’. I am not sure how long this takes with them and they haven’t responded to my query on social media – Though I do understand that some stores are working with a skeleton staff and orders may take longer than usual.

Clothing stores like Woolworths and Edgars are taking orders for essential items such as winter clothes but I am not sure about the delivery time.

Tips for ordering online during Lockdown


When ordering online make sure that the site you are ordering from is indeed operating and will ship your order during Lockdown. Some sites only have essentials listed such as Takealot and everything listed can be shipped.

Others are still taking orders of non-essential goods which can be a bit tricky. In some instances, if you include a non-essential in your order that has essentials, you may only receive the full order after Lockdown. While other stores are allowing you to purchase both essential and non-essential items, with the shipment of the essentials going out now under level 4 and shipment of the non-essentials only being able to ship after Lockdown or when these restrictions are lifted.

You can check a shops website for information on what they can deliver now. Social media such as Facebook is also a good way to check updates on stores and what they can sell and how they are operating.


Once you’ve filled your cart delivery is the next thing that you need to take into consideration. A lot of stores are charging a flat rate for delivery and delivery prices may vary depending on your location. Lockdown has also affected some delivery costs so you can expect to pay more for delivery from some places.

Your delivery might be delayed because of high demand and the skeleton staff at the store as well as the delivery service they are utilizing. So be patient.

Be safe

When your order arrives take the necessary precautions. Sanitize your hands before and after collecting your package from the delivery man. Also wear a mask.

You can wipe down the package with a disinfectant and also throw away any unnecessary packaging. If you have ordered clothes or shoes pop the items in the wash before wearing them and wipe down shoes.

I hope that everyone is staying safe during this time. If you don’t have to leave the house and can shop online, do it and most importantly try to shop local.

If you know of any local stores that are operating let me know in the comments below.

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