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Sup Y’all! Hello, Hi and welcome to my blog. Well, of course, you knew it was my blog, cause the only people who are probably reading this right now are those I bombarded with a link and if I cared enough about you, you also got a “please read my blog” with an innocent angel emoji or a single enduring heart. But if you are here out of your own merit, you must be as interested as I am to see where this actually goes.

I have done this blogging thing before and man it was not what I expected. Without having to go into a long-winded backstory (haha gotcha I am)  everything I loved about blogging the first time around was slowly sucked from my fingertips little by little as I immersed myself more and more into the blogosphere. The bloggesphere where “experts”  tell you how, why and what you should blog about and you are made to feel as if you aren’t good enough if you are not making money from your blog, if you are not going on extravagant trips and if you are not getting a mountain of free stuff at your door.  Blugh! I got caught up in the idea that my worth had to be measured by others and if I wasn’t getting those likes and I wasn’t being recognised by big brands then I was nothing. I truly forgot why I started a blog and maybe I never really said it out loud, for it to be profound enough. To say the least, it was a crappy time in my life but it also came with a wealth of knowledge and so many good (and absolutely horrendous) people I met along the way.

So why did I start a blog? Simply, to write. I love writing and telling stories and talking about myself of course (who else am I going to talk about?) Sharing my experiences and maybe some advice, being around for 27 years has actually,  taught me a thing or two.  And what am I going to write about? Another thing that was shoved down my oesophagus by the bloggesphere was to narrow down my niche. But I like everything!? Seriously, I have many likes, from unicorns to cooking and gaming and relationship stuff, I can literally write about a lot of topics because I am not just one thing. I could never be. Try to put me in a box and I will burst out with a glitter sucker punch to your face but to bring myself down to earth for just a little bit, I think what I want for this blog is to be a reflection of who I am right now in this current space in time.

Finally, we have arrived at the question, who am I? I have no idea. Eeek! Well, I don’t think anyone really knows who they are. But before I pretend to be all philosophical, let me get to the point (something that I hardly get to.) I am a 27-year-old, unicorn-obsessed, girlfriend, furparent, homemaker and student. The most prominent parts of my life are my boyfriend of 7 and half years, my friends who keep multiplying (hashtagblessed right?), my not one, not two but three chinchillas who I adore and my ever stressful student life. I am currently in my second year of studying Communication Science with the hopes of getting paid for this one day, this being writing.

Getting back to the point of what I am going to be writing about, I would like to share my experiences of being a student while also being an almost housewife, a friend and a person obsessed with too many things. And I just realised, this doesn’t narrow things down very much but, hey, I can’t narrow me down, I just wouldn’t be me. But I do want to share things I deal with from real talk with stress and anxiety, dealing failure to happier things a new toy I got or how I manage to keep my hobbies going with full-time studies and the many things I’ve learnt about love.

If you are still here, well done. High five! I do not know how this journey is going to unfold however I do hope you stick around with me. I am excited to see where this goes it could flop or it could fly. Like my favourite saying goes,

“What if I fall?” Oh, but my darling, What if you fly? – by Erin Hanson

And that is what keeps me going the possibly that I could fly.

XX Cass

Hi friends and future friends, thank you for checking out my blog. What do you think, will you stick around? Let me know in the comments and tell me what makes you read your favourite blogs? What do you think blogs need to have in order for you to keep coming back?

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