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Hey guys and girls! This post has been a very long time coming but school has kept me so busy I haven’t had the opportunity to put down in words what I thought about the Mud Mask clay masks. So let’s get right into this:

My Skin:

Here’s a little background on my skin. I have pretty decent skin, I hardly had acne growing up and even as an adult my skin was clear until I moved to Johannesburg. After moving to Jozi my skin started getting extremely dry and red around the cheeks. Not having dealt with major skin problems before this was new territory for me. I tried a couple of things but nothing seemed to stick until I tried Mud Mask.



Mud Mask first thoughts:

So my lovely friend, Sumarie the owner of Mud Mask popped over for a visit and surprised me with some masks. Firstly I thought the packaging was lovely! The masks are nicely stored in glass bottles that can be put on display, but I wasn’t sure if these masks would be like every other one I’ve tried: works for all of 10 minutes and then poof! My face is a tomato again.

All you need to do with the mask is mix it in with a few drops of water and/or an essential oil and apply it to the face. The first thing I noticed about the mask is the consistency and the velvet feeling as I applied it to my skin.

As advised by Sumarie, I kept it on my skin until I felt it starting to crack and washed it off. It felt uber nice on my skin, I could feel the mask locking in the moisture because of its velvety texture. It was also easy to remove just with some water.



After I dried my face off, I noticed an immediate difference: my skin was soft, the dry areas such as my cheeks and between my eyes were looking better. I was having a  crappy skin week so the mask definitely rejuvenated my face. I also used a touch of facial oil, which by the way is my favorite Mud Mask product, it locks in moisture and keeps my skin feeling soft and hydrated in the dry Johannesburg climate.

It was a total boost to my skin as the bumps on my face were reduced and my face felt clean. I was going out the night I tried the mask and found that when I applied my makeup I had a better foundation to work with because in all honesty if your skin isn’t in good condition makeup will never look perfect.




I have been using the masks every time I have an import night out or when I need a bit of pampering. I also love that I get to mix the product myself. It gets points for being interactive, but also quick and easy to use.

Why I would recommend it :

What makes these masks (and kit) so unique, is the fact that everything is 100% natural. The Essential Oils in the kit are all 100% pure and undiluted. The three essential oils (lavender, tea tree and geranium rose) were selected for their amazing benefits for the skin. These are also the three essential oils that are most suitable for any skin type. Evening primrose oil is another natural gem that you see frequently in many facial oils and moisturizers.
Obviously, these masks are completely natural. With no preservatives interfering with all the natural goodness in them! Not to even mention the additional activated charcoal and 100% raw honey that can also be mixed in with these masks!



The products are all natural which means there’s no funny stuff that you are unaware of going on your skin. The product feels luxurious on my face and the after effects are amazing, especially when it turned my face into an ideal canvas for makeup.


Why it’s worth it:

The Mud Mask starter kit and sample kit both come in the most rustic packaging; a wooden chest. I handled the packaging and products while taking photos for this blog and I was obsessed with the box. Keeping with the all-natural theme, Mud Masks packaging is environmentally conscious, unlike other beauty products I have used.  The wooden box can be reused as well as the cute little glass bottles which are stopped with a natural cork.  One of my favorite items in the box other than the products is the beautiful handmade terracotta mixing bowl, which is included in the starter kit.



The starter kit includes 21 items in total, 3 x each clay mask. Each vial contains enough clay for two facial masks which works out to R27.70 a mask. I have paid around R30 – R40 a mask in the past so R27.70 is good price for someone like myself who is on a budget. Money wise, Mud Mask is worth it and because you get to mix your own mask you control how much you want to use, this way I have managed to get not 2 but 3 masks out of 1 vile. Besides this, you are getting also the chest itself, and it comes packed with facial oil, facial soap and a wooden spoon.

To wrap this up, Mud Mask is a proudly South African brand. The products and packing are natural which means it is not only good on your skin but for the environment too. If you would like to purchase one of the products,  go to or visit this direct link to get your kit. With Christmas fast approaching these kits are great to find under the tree!



Hey ya’ll thank you for checking out this review. Let me know what you think in the comments below. In other news, I started a new Instagram account Cassricornart   to showcase my art as well as take commissions for my series “You’re a Beauty Guru Now.” Here’s one of Sumarie from Mud Mask, inbox me if you would also like to be immortalized as a beauty Guru.

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